Dr. Cow is the main sidekick to Mr. Pig. He is not really a doctor, but he is pretty smart compared to Chet or Steve. He does not talk nearly as much as Mr. Pig, and is usually distracted, suggesting he has a disorder of some sort. He dies alongside Mr. Pig in one of the Scrapped Stories, in The Adventures of Paul and Clive. Clive, in the book, is the grand-nephew of Dr. Cow. In one of the Scrapped Stories, to be specific, in the two books: The Adventures Of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow: The Green Gas of Zombification, where Dr. Cow inhales the green gas (described in more detail under that page) and becomes a gas-producing zombie. Skete, encountered in The New Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow, acts a lot like Dr. Cow does, except he is way more evil. Dr. Cow, in the comics, is like a stay-at-home dad, except he's not a dad. Not in any of his appearances does he ever get married, or has no relatives besides Clive. This is very different from Mr. Pig, where he has a whole list of his brothers and sisters. It even shows his parents. Dr. Cow, however, has nothing. We can assume that he has parents, and has a sibling, but we never see them or even get any reference to them.

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