Herobrine is the supervillain in The Main Series. His brother is Steve, who Herobrine abandoned when he was young. He then traveled to The Strange World, where he gained his power. In The New Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow, it is revealed that Skete made him a minion, and Skete wanted the Minecraft world for himself. The only thing preventing Skete from taking over the land was Steve, so he sent Herobrine to go kill him. In one of the fights with Steve, Herobrine fell into a boiling hot pit of lava, which took all of the flesh off of him, leaving only his bones. Seeking revenge now, not just following Skete's orders, Herobrine grouped together a bunch of Skete's other minions. Herobrine is finally defeated during the Fight of Farmville, when Steve kicks him off a cliff and lands on some hard rocks, where he is pulverized into dust. He makes a cameo in The New Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow, as a valued "staff member" on the board showing the state of every minion that Skete has.