Mr. Pig is the one of the two main characters in the Adventures of Mr. Pig & Dr. Cow. He is obviously a pig, and he likes to have small adventures with his companion-for-life, Dr. Cow. He can be pretty stupid sometimes, and one time during the Adventures of Mr. Pig & Dr. Cow: BTD, he somehow got flung onto a cactus sitting in the middle of nowhere. He can be seen in the Minecraft Comics as a square, standing up pig. Mr. Pig dies in one of the Scrapped Stories, shot in the neck by Farmer Bedpost. His grand- nephew, Paul Pig, is also seen in this Scrapped Story. In The Main Series, he looks like the old version of him, described under Evolution below. In The New Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow, he stands up on his hind legs, has dashed eyes, and has a snout that's an oval and pokes out of his face.

Evolution Edit

Mr. Pig, along with Dr. Cow, changed over the course of many years. They first looked like the base of animal drawing. They had dotted eyes, a half-circle snout that didn't stick out, and walked on all fours.


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