Steve is a very energetic character. He loves adventure, and the found Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow shortly after they came through the Portal. His companion and beset friend is Chet, who he loves dearly. He makes tons of appearances in almost any comic featuring Mr. Pig or Dr. Cow, but if Tyler is in the comic, Steve is not in the comic. A great example of this is in the Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow Comics, where Tyler owns Chet and is about as goofy as Steve. He is pretty smart, although he sometimes makes dumb choices that sends the group into battle of mischief. He dies in the Fight of Farmville when he gets his head chopped off by Herobrine. He likes Professor Magic about as much as he likes his world, which is okay. He has his suspicions about him. Daniel Jones is his cousin, and in The Heroes and Villains, it says that Steve is 17 years old.

Appearances Edit

Steve appears in these comics:

The Main Series

The Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow: In Space

Scrapped Stories

The New Adventures of Mr. Pig and Dr. Cow